Merck 線上研討會 - 開創未來動力—從電池材料到電池


Rama Ghosh, Ph.D.

Global Product Manager for Materials Synthesis

Rama 從印度科學技術學院古瓦哈提分校獲得了化學博士學位,專精無機奈米材料用於藥物遞送和癌症治療。在她的研究中,她設計了奈米顆粒和奈米載體用於治療和藥物診斷應用。2018年,Rama Ghosh 加入默克,她所帶領的產品線包括金屬鹽、沉積前驅物和高純度無機材料,用於製造能源和電子材料。


現場 Q&A

A: Thank you so much for showing the interest and join the webinar. It depends on the type of products and potential of the enquiry. I would like to request, please share the spec that you are looking for. We’ll try to evaluate and meet the need.

A: The performance of the battery is dependent on the type of materials used. In that case, selection of the materials is the most challenging task to decide. Because, the performance is dependent on the type of materials, morphology, processing method etc.

A:Yes, besides materials for research, we could support for pilot scale and for production as well. We are having the capability for couple of products such as polymers, monomers, salts, electrolyte, solvent. Also, we have a team, who are helping to support the customers for bulk. Please share the query, with the sales team. We’ll certainly happy to explore your need to solve.